Planning Your Own Wedding?06 Great Tips!

Planning Your Own Wedding?06 Great Tips!

Planning a wedding can be exciting but is full of stress too. Especially when the wedding in question is yours. A bride could be divided between her wants, her needs, as well as her hope for something perfect even though everything seems to turn up imperfect. Planning your wedding can be fun. But  for your wedding to turn out just the way you hope it to be, you need to stick to these professional wedding planning skills. Plan like a pro and you will likely end up with the results of a pro.

First Of All, Get Inspired!

You dreamt of this day since you were a little girl, and now here you are. What do you want your wedding to look like. If you haven’t thought of it yet, Don’t panick. There are so many sources of inspiration available now. Many websites provide sources of inspiration for weddings. If possible do not hesitate to seek advice from former brides. It could be your freind, your sister or some other relative that has been married before. The best trick will be to get your freind who has more experience planning weddings to accompany you.  On the other hand, Do not hesitate to seek much needed advice from anyone that is more experience that you in the wedding planning field.

Be Keen On Your Wedding Budget

It is easy to let expenditure get out of hand when a budget has not been drawn. The first things is to determine how much you are willing to spend  for the wedding. Plan out every amount you are willing to spend on wedding vendors, bridal & groom party, and other details ( yourself & your groom). To do this a Budget tracker is useful. Make sure you and your spouse agree and major ideas with respect to expenditure. Once this is set, you can move to the next point.

Take your time when choosing wedding Vendors

Once your Budget has been set, The next step is determining which vendor will take care of what? Finding the right vendors is quite a stressfull game. Even for a pro wedding planner. That is why Tikay’s Bridal provides you with a good guide of wedding vendors for you to choose from. Make a list of the different services you will definitely need. Then, start finding vendors, according to each category os service you will need for the wedding. That should ease up the task.

Create a Self Made Team

Just like pro wedding planners have a team that they work with, so do you need a team to work with. You can’t do everything alone. So you need a team of dedicated people (freinds or family members) to handle different wings of the wedding plan. And report to you in a periodic and timely manner.

Draw out a very detailed wedding to-do List with a Timeline

After creating your team, they need to know what their job is. This is where the to-do list comes in. Clearly write out what each person has to do, and the time frame(very importatnt) during which they need to finish their task and get back to you. Of course, it’s importatnt to regularly meet up and discuss any changes to the original task-list if need be.

Do not forget to supervise

Once you have delegated tasks to your team, Make sure you supervise them. It is important to follow up with each person. Find out the troubles they are having completing their task, and find ways to improve when necessary.